Keyword Elite 2.0 Review

The long awaited release of an updated Keyword Elite v 2.0 has finally happened and there are mixed reviews of the product.

There are no shortage of reviews on the product but unfortunately none of them actually discuss the programs usability or functionality. To date they are a mixture of affiliate sales pages hyping the software and a few posts discussing the barrage of spam mail endured by users of Keyword Elite v 1.0.

As the program has just been released I suppose it is to early to get any feedback from anyone who has actually used it. Based on the presell videos and sales page we have a pretty good idea of what is being offered and quite frankly it appears to be targeting the Adwords PPC niche. The main selling feature is the ability to track PPC campaigns of others and base your own PPC campaign around the success or lack thereof of marketers who have a track record selling products. This is derived by how long a person runs their ads on Google's search results page. The assumption is that an ad must be making the owner money if it has been running for any length of time. Keyword Elite will show you which ads have been in place for any length of time and what keywords those ads are targeting as well as the ad copy. On paper this sounds good but there are other factors in successful PPC campaigns such as Optimized landing pages and knowing how to bid effectively. It also helps to have a product that converts. For more info on this I suggest you read Keyword Elite 2.0 Review before you jump on the PPC bandwagon.

Another helpful review of Keyword Elite 2.0 can be read here. Keyword Elite 2 - It's Trash

Aside from the PPC feature the remaining modules don't really offer much that isn't already available using free tools that are readily online like Google's own Adwords Keyword Tool or a paid tool like Market Samurai which has a two week free trial.

Many former users of the original version of KE are a bit miffed at the fact they are required to purchase the new upgraded version 2.0. Most were led to believe that a free lifetime update as promised with the original version would apply to the new version. There is some justification to this given that version 1 of Keyword Elite has stopped functioning in regards to several modules and no further repairs or updates have been released in quite some time. Little wonder former users are upset - either fork out $197 for the new KE v 2.0 or find a different keyword research tool. The old version is not likely to be updated and is quite antiquated compared to Google's free tool.

Overall I would not recommend purchasing Keyword Elite 2.0 unless you are an experienced PPC marketer. All others can find a suitable research tool that does the same thing elsewhere for much less money or for free.

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