Blinkweb is Open

It appears that Blinkweb is finally taking on users according to a comment just posted by Matt Callen.


We just opened the site to the public less than 10 minutes ago. HOWEVER, we're only accepting 1,000 members RIGHT NOW, as we want to make sure that Blinkweb can handle the server load before we let "everyone" in.

After 1,000 users are reached, we're TEMPORARILY closing the site down to new users . We're not sure how long... enough time for us to test some things and see if we need to tweek anything from issues that may arise.

Because the demand for Blinkweb is so high (you can see just how "hot" this service is by going to one our single video blog post that generated almost 2500 comments), we know that the initial 1,000 user limit will be filled extremely fast!

If you try to sign up and the site is closed, simply fill out the notification form that will replace the signup area, and you will be notified IMMEDIATELY when Blinkweb re-opens.

To sign up, go here now:



As of last report they have already reciebved 1000 trial users and have closed the doors temporarily. As soon as a few tweaks are done and some tests run they will re-open for more users. I suspect the first test will be to see if the bandwidth is sufficient.

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