What Does a Blinkweb Blog Look Like?

Blinkweb is now open for business and I have created my first blog using the Blinkweb software.

You can see the new blog "Make Money Online" by clicking the link. I set up the first page without reading any instructions in order to see how easy the program would be to use. I must admit to some confusion and really don't think I did things properly.

I was able to give my new site a title and post a short article with several targeted keywords and links but I was not able to find a way to add any images to the post which I would have preferred. This doesn't mean that you can't - just that if you can it is not obvious without having to do some reading.

One thing I don't like is that my URL kinda sucks - the page shows /new-blog.html instead of the page title which is terrible if you are trying for serp rankings. Not sure what's up with that. It should show my page title which is "Make Money Online". I will have to investigate further.

All in all my initial reaction is luke warm for this product at the moment but I admit that I haven't given it the full treatment yet. On the face of it Blinkweb is not unlike Squidoo or Hubpages in that the user basically creates sub domains on someone else's domain. This can be useful if the domain is liked by Google and gets crawled frequently and amasses a decent PR. It is a simple way to get backlinks for your other sites.

It is my intention to now get this new page ranking highly for the term "Blinkweb" in the same way that I got this Blogger blog ranked number 2 in the serp's for the same term. If successful then I may find a use for this new service after all.

Stay tuned as I update my progress.

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