Blinkweb Update

Here is the latest update released today from Matt Callen about the latest changes made to Blinkweb. The only thing you need to be warned about is the Hostng offered by the Callens. Yes you may get a domain for free but the hostng won't be and it is more expensive than getting your own hosting elsewhere like HostGator.

Hi, Today I'm writing to let you know about some important developments with our new service that have been making MAJOR strides in the internet marketing community.

The blog post at the link above will explain more, but I wanted to let you know about 3 major additions that we've added to our Blinkweb service.

You can now:

1. Get your own domain name for Free from us... yup, you read that correctly. We'll buy it for you! And on top of that, we'll even host your website for you.

I'm talking about a REAL, personal domain name for your website. This is the first time of my online career that I've ever seen anyone give away a free domain name. We'll actually buy it FOR YOU.... at least for the time being.

You can get it here:

2. You can get a free subdomain from Blinkweb.

3. After creating your site with Blinkweb's drag and drop page builder, you can download your entire websites easily as a convenient .zip file, in which you can then upload to your current webhost. AND, even better... You can download as many times as you wish!

You can read more details at the blog and then get signed up to grab your Free domain name from us.

Our goal is to make it practically impossible for someone (including you) to come up with an excuse that they cannot make cash on the internet. If you haven't done so yet, I HIGHLY recommend you head over to Blinkweb and sign up for your free account, and create your own website today.

All the best,
Matt Callen

P.S. Blinkweb continues to be a community-driven site where we take feature requests/comments very seriously. This is why we've added some major updates in just the past week of going live.


moneymingle said...

I have had absolutely the worst experience with BlinkWeb. And the support? What a joke. After paying for a domain transfer and finding out that the process does not work, this is the response I got when I requested a refund....
I am closing out this ticket because the issue is completely resolved on our end. There is nothing more we can do or tell you.
Thank you for contacting Blinkweb support.

Michelle Robbins
Blinkweb Support Analyst

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: SQE-934351
Department: Technical Questions
Priority: High
Status: Open

As you can see my refund request was totally ignored.

Grizzly said...

Money Mingle,

Thanks for the update - sorry to hear you've lost your money. I appreciate you taking the time to warn others though. Things are not looking good for this program at the present time.