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I have had a number of emails and a few comments on another site alerting me to problems some folks have had with the web hosting being flogged in conjunction with the Blinkweb program.

"I forgot to mention that follow through sales pitch they have with the $15 hosting; what is really devious/clever about it is that there is no opportunity to take your custom page to your own choice of (cheaper) hosting.
I noticed that they have a section of the site for paid use web tools ( If I read it right) that will soon be available. Funny if they just started selling their existing SEO software repackaged through the site at a discount."

Quite frankly it looks as if the site is really just a front for the Callen's to pitch their web hosting agenda which of course makes sense. They didn't create the program with out working out an angle to make a buck from it. My biggest criticism has been that they didn't work out an affiliate program for this and there is little incentive for other marketers to promote the product. Reviews are still mixed on how useful Blinkweb will be to bloggers. At present the Callen's stand to gain more from this (using other people to fill their site with content) than the actual bloggers doing the work. There is no PR as of yet to leach link juice from.

You might want to pay attention to this comment I received...

"I have had absolutely the worst experience with BlinkWeb. And the support? What a joke. After paying for a domain transfer and finding out that the process does not work, this is the response I got when I requested a refund....
I am closing out this ticket because the issue is completely resolved on our end. There is nothing more we can do or tell you.
Thank you for contacting Blinkweb support.

Michelle Robbins
Blinkweb Support Analyst

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: SQE-934351
Department: Technical Questions
Priority: High
Status: Open

As you can see my refund request was totally ignored."

Thanks go out to MoneyMingle for that update.

This should be enough to make you wary about using their web hosting although more information on why they wouldn't issue a refund would be helpful.

If anyone else has an experience to share - good or bad - please leave a comment.

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