Blinkweb Update

There is a new free software program soon to be available from the Callen brothers called Blinkweb. What's offered is a magnificent way for complete newbie's to build their own websites and blogs without having to learn code to do it. Brad Callen's Blinkweb review is truly going to be big! With this site you just log in and build the page using the amazing click and drag tools. This editor is all drag and drop, you essentially drop a component, say a picture, into the page where you want it, then you select a picture to upload to the page then you add a text box etc.. and click publish. Your done! It doesn't get easier than this folks!

There hasn't been a great deal of info released yet about Blinkweb but Brad has done the comment rounds to fill people in a bit more. One thing that he has mentioned is that the software doesn't only build sales pages but will in fact create entire full-fledged sites. This is great news as it won't limit this product to just internet marketers. A wise move.

Stay tuned for more release notes.


Rhys said...

Given the generally accepted wisdom "that there is no free lunch"; then what will be driving this "free software program"?

Will it be like most "free software" that is only a demo sample of the paid for program?

We wait with great interest!

Grizzly said...


It seems that there will be two versions of Blinkweb - a free Blinkweb Lite version and then a Fee based version for the Internet Marketing crowd. How this will work is yet unknown.

Coaster said...

Hmm, looking at the video I don't see any difference to it and - it has the same easy drag and drop style interface, unless they have bought the weebly system. I don't understand the hype - what is there that isn't in any other web creation site, especially how its a copy of another place?