What is Bum Marketing?

Article Marketing and Writing Tips

Article writing makes up of 80% of bum marketing method. Article marketing serves the purpose of drawing traffics to your site. Consequently, the more you produce, the more traffics you can get for your site. More traffics will generate you more sales if your landing page is attractive enough.

Article marketing promotes the concept of writing short but attractive articles. Normally, a bum marketer should be able to spend only half an hour or lesser to produce a key phrases optimized article which is around 300 words long. To make it easier for your target traffics to find you article, repeat your keywords always in your article and write it in different ways. This is the key point of bum marketing method.

In article marketing, you start with key phrase researching. Everyone wishes to have more targeted traffics, hence Google keyword tool is developed to help you in keyword optimization. Unless you are having some better softwares that can give you better keyword researching results, Google keyword tool is a tool generally used by the internet marketers.

Talk about bum marketing software, there are many useful bum marketing softwares that are really, really helpful in time saving and increasing production rate. Some softwares specialize in keyword researching and can provide you some essential information about the competition of a certain key phrase or keyword, some provide convenience in article writing.

Of course there are more other softwares that have different special abilities. Some automated softwares can even help you to create your whole article content and spin it into thousands different of articles and submit to numerous big article directories within minutes. Actually many softwares are giving out free trial for 1 week and guarantee to return you the money within a period of time if you are not happy with the software

I have created a site Bum marketing weaknesses and solutions for more advanced details about Bum Marketing and the appropriate tools you MUST use to maximize your profit in Internet Marketing.

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