Make Money Online - Can You?

What are the steps in creating an online business?

If you are really just out on this roller coaster ride of Internet marketing then you will be delighted to know that is isn't very hard at all as long as you tread carefully. Computers are now becoming so affordable that most people can afford the investment needed to purchase one. Even if you do not there are plenty of internet cafes and libraries where you can rent online by the hour.

So what are the steps in creating an online business?

I will assume you have your computer and that it is connected to an internet connection. You will also need a way of storing and keeping passwords and login details. One problem with security on the internet is that you have to have a user name and a password for everywhere you go. Many people use the same one for every website but this is not secure.

I do not have a common login - all mine are different. I keep a close record of all these in a book. Some users keep the details on their computer with a spreadsheet program but this is still not completely safe.

Your first step is to research the internet for what is out there in the way of ideas for internet businesses. There are so many choices but only some that you will be happy to get involved with. Keep a log of all the programs you find interesting and watch the pricing and support levels offered. Do not under any circumstances buy a mentoring program for £10,000’s. Mentoring is great once you have some basic knowledge.

The next step is to spend time sifting through all the books and programs until you have chosen the one idea you know you can do now with your current resources. You need action rather than sitting around to start making money.

The third step is to forget all the other opportunities that are out there and stick with your chosen one. You must focus on one opportunity for 3 or 4 months before you start to make your money. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true then it is!

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