Designing An Effective Squeeze Page

What is a Squeeze Page?

Squeeze pages, sometimes also known as lead generator pages, are one of the basics on an internet marketer's arsenal.

Squeeze pages are very, very single minded pages. Their sole aim is to prize an email address out of a visitor. Once they've signed up, you have their permission to email them over and over again. But you need them to sign up to your list first!

Firstly, pick a template for your lead generation page. You can find these on the web either for free or for a small charge. If you choose the free option, make sure your target market is well away from such well trodden areas as internet marketing, weight loss and (weird as it may sound) dog training. If you don't do this, there's a high chance that your potential customer will have encountered a near-identical squeeze page so many times before, they're bored with it. Which means they'll be more likely to click away.

Then modify your template. As a minimum, you will need to add in a headline relevant to your offer and some "selly" bullet points. You may also want to split test your headlines to make sure that you're getting the maximum number of sign-ups. Some marketers have reported that they regularly get 7 out of ten people signing up from the squeeze pages they create.

You can also test other elements on your lead generation page. Most of the time, people report that they get better results when they add audio messages to their squeeze pages. Test audio. Also test whether you get better results if the message starts to play as soon as a visitor gets to your squeeze page.

Nowadays, you will find video appearing more frequently on squeeze pages. Many marketers have found that using a "part one" video on their squeeze page with "part two" only available after sign-up is a very effective technique. If you go down this route, take inspiration from the cliff hangers you used to watch at Saturday morning cinema. Or if you're too young for that, think of any episode of the television series "24". Make sure your viewer is hungry for more information. Which you'll let them have - once they've confirmed their email address.

You can get your squeeze pages designed at the click of a button with this simple lead page generator.

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