Make Money Online At Home

Can you Work at Home and Make Money Online?

Right now it seems that everyone and their dog are looking for the definitive way to make money on the internet, and if you've ever wondered how to make money online you'll no doubt be aware of the number of scams and empty promises that are out there in cyberspace.

You're looking for that simple way to make money at home online and yet you find yourself chasing your tail, jumping from one project to another and seemingly never making any real progress. I know when I started out this is exactly what happened to me and I see it all the time in newbie marketers. In truth, you just need to wake up and realise that until you follow one project through, you'll never see any real results.

But whose fault is this really? But really, the marketers and consumers are as bad as each other and both must take the blame. Now the marketers are guilty of selling the products which position themselves as the ultimate solution to making money online. Sales page after sales page claims that their's is the only product you need to make a huge income. In actual fact there is no single ebook, piece of software or hot report that will make you a ton of money. No - it's only YOU that can make the money, there is no push button solution that will do it for you.

And this is why the consumers must also take the blame for the hype-filled merry go round that is internet marketing. 99% of people are hungry for that one thing that will make them money yesterday - but they don't want to do any work!

And so it will continue as long as consumers believe the hype, marketers will continue to fulfill demand. In some ways the two groups of people deserve each other!

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