Is Google Wealth Maker a Scam?

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Everyone is always trying to stay on top of Google and reaching the top of the search engine mountain so to speak and Google Wealth Maker is no different. This is a product that holds a lot of privacy and confidentiality. It is hard to get into the portfolio of Google Wealth Maker without an invitation.

I was able to do some butt-kissing and got a hold of the product and must say that I was very impressed with the high quality of product that Erick Rockefeller and Howie Schwartz have come up with in their partnership.

This is not just another of those software that you see now and it disappears after a while on the market. It is going to be tweeked and updated for years to come and will have additional software added to it. Once you are in, you will get all the updates for future years.

The idea of painstakingly submitting to every social marketing site, article directories, and RSS feed will be solved with this one software product. You will have an advantage over your competition and see faster success with your online business. No online business owner should be without this tool in my opinion.

If you are not taken by membership sites, then this would not be for you. This would be the only downside. However, the good news is that the product is being tested by some Internet Super Affiliates right now and they are paying $197 per month and seeing lots more money to their bottom line. I am sure they don’t mind paying that amount for a product such as Google Wealth Maker.

Howie and Eric are launching the Google Wealth Maker tomorrow, September 25, 2008 and offering it to the public for only $77 per month.

Eric Rockefeller is known for his Affiliate Conspiracy and Affiliate Rockstar product that have done well for him and for other affiliates. So his reputation has been nothing but good. This is one of the reasons why I would even recommend this program to you. You have to feel comfortable about who you are doing business with and in this case it is definitely so. The quality of his previous products has put Eric Rockefeller in good standing with his peers. Both Eric and Howie realize that you have to keep abreast of the changing online market and so they are always trying to find bigger and better products to conquer the search engines. Google Wealth Maker fits that bill.

It brings some fresh and new ideas to increase your affiliate earnings and give you an edge over your competition. This is just not another clickbank product that will sit on the marketplace shelf. In fact, these two guys have decided not to use clickbank for this product. You have to get a personal invitation from someone to get in and that someone is me! I personally invite you to look keenly at the Google Wealth Maker and see this software as I see it – the best thing that ever happened to Internet Marketing.

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