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What is Veretekk?

Have been here at Veretekk for over a year! I love it! My appreciation to Tom Pendergast and Mike Darling! Also all the people that work behind these two wonderfull men. I really have Thanked God for these people. This is not all, the people that are trainers and "go beyond the call of duty" that help others know how to build their business. Never have I seen this before, these people go all the way! They teach the truth and how to set your business up to run "like a well oiled machine", no hype, no pressure, just the truth! It has taken me a year to write this, I have been very skeptical, had to be sure, my first three years on the internet was a costly learning experience. This is the first time I have enjoyed working on the Internet, Veretekk is for me! At eighty, I find that I need an extra pay check for a number of reasons. Veretekk is the only power house on the internet that I trust, I am working with the best of everything,a cutting edge company and great support.

The Platinum Panel Beta Launch has moved the Veretekk system way ahead of the pack for ease and speed when creating and implementing effective marketing strategies. The Platinum Panel really just enhances the existing Veretekk Marketing tools. Without the Platinum Panel setting up a great targeted marketing campaign would be tedious and time consuming. Serious entrepreneurs learned that the time spent in proper setup and configuration was time well spent.

Enter the Platinum Control Panel and a proper system configuration which used to take hours of focused (boring) manual entries, can now be completed in minutes with a few entries and the push of a button!

I have been marketing online since 1992 with varying degrees of success and yes, even sometimes failure. I found Veretekk, about 6 years ago, through another business that offered a Free Silver Limited Edition of the Veretekk system for their members. Veretekk was still in the development stage in those days and it still had the most effective marketing tools I had come across and thus started a whirlwind tour of marketing success. As I learned to use each feature, my marketing strategies started bearing fruit.

The Platinum Panel shortens the learning curve dramatically. You don't really need to know how it works, just follow the simple directions and you can have your own unique and targeted marketing strategy in place in minutes with your own customized configuration! When the Beta Launch was announced, I knew that I had to be a part of this unique group. Over the years, I have often thought of features I would like to see in future enhancements. Being a part of the Beta group gives me a voice in the development process and the opportunity to suggest enhancements for this already amazing tool!

Marketing at the speed of thought is not only possible, it is essential to online marketing success. The Platinum panel makes it possible for you to turn your ideas and visions into reality almost as quickly as you get the idea! That is powerful!

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